Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Camp Coordination / Management CM-09 C2.1 CCCM Mechanisms Number and percentage of displacement sites where de-registration/ departure is monitored

De-registration/departure should be monitored but not controlled in order to adequately calculate needs within the displacement site and plan accordingly.

Protection P1-PC6-2 PC6 Child Labour Percentage of surveyed community members are aware of the danger and consequences of the Worst Forms of Child Labour

Worst form of child labour is a term defined in the ILO convention no. 182. It must be prohibited for all people under the age of 18 yrs and includes the following: (i) all forms of slavery and practices similar to slavery; (ii) using, offering, procuring a child for prostitution, production of pornographie or for pornographic performance; (iii) using, procuring, offering a child for illicit activities; (iv) hazardous work; Depending on the country context this indicator should specify which forms of child labour are meant to be assessed and the knowledge thereof by the community

Protection P3-PL2-2 PL2 Access to Land Number and Percentage of surveyed persons / communities provided with support in situation of forced eviction