Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Food Security F-8 F3 Food Access change in HH ownership of productive assets

Recording of the pre- and post-crises ownership of specific assets. Assets are generally classified as productive assets (if linked to a livelihood and income generating activities) and household assets.

Food Security F-9 F3 Food Access Change in access to functioning markets

A market is here understood as a place where people are able to buy and sell products, including food, agricultural inputs and other consumption goods. Functioning markets are characterised by the existence of competition (between sellers as well as buyers), and availability of information.

Food Security F-Output-1 F1 Food Assistance Number of beneficiaries receiving food, non-food items, cash transfers and vouchers as % of planned
Food Security F-Output-10 F8 Agriculture and Livestock Quantity of input items distributed, as % of planned
Food Security F-Output-11 F1 Food Assistance Number of people trained as % of planned (e.g. best nutrition practice or land conservation etc.)
Food Security F-Output-12 F1 Food Assistance Number of market system actors involved in emergency response
Food Security F-Output-13 F1 Food Assistance Number of institutional sites assisted (e.g. schools, health centres), as % of planned
Food Security F-Output-2 F1 Food Assistance Quantity of food/value of cash/voucher received by beneficiary HH (and proportion in relation to food basket)

This indicator should express the percentage of the food needs that are covered by the ration distributed

Food Security F-Output-3 F1 Food Assistance Quantity of food assistance distributed, as % of planned
Food Security F-Output-4 F1 Food Assistance Total value of cash or vouchers for food and basic needs distributed, as % of planned