Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Protection P2-PG3-1 PG3 Multi sectoral engagement (health, legal/justice, security, psychosocial) Proportion of community-based workers trained in psychosocial support for GBV survivors
Protection P2-PG3-10 PG6 Prevention Programming % of health workers trained on Clinical Management of Rape

Clinical Management of Rape (CMR) is an internationally recognized standard of care for survivors of sexual violence.

Protection P2-PG5-2 PG5 Data collection, storage and sharing % of surveyed communities indicating there is a risk of physical or sexual violence
Protection P2-PG5-3 PG5 Data collection, storage and sharing Observed or reported changes in women's and/or girls' mobility patterns

Qualitative information would be needed to further specify the causes of change; however, the yes/no indicator provides a first entry point for a more specific GBV assessment

Protection P2-PG6-1 PG6 Prevention Programming Protocols aligned with international standards have been established for the clinical management of rape

This indicator examines the standards and procedures in place at medical facilities with regards to treating survivors of sexual violence.