Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Emergency Shelter and NFI S3-1-1 S3.1 Access Number and percentage of affected households requiring assistance to cover their energy needs

This indicator identifies the overall caseload for supporting energy requirements of affected populations. Energy needs include all activities for which households need fuel: cooking, heating, lighting, etc. It is particularly imporatnt to track where winterisation interventions are planned. It is important to collect information separately from men and women as they have differing energy needs.

Emergency Shelter and NFI S3-1-3 S3.1 Access Average cost of shelter-related energy / fuel

The average cost of essential shelter-related energy/fuel (e.g. wood, gas, charcoal) should be tracked over time as a key indicator of availability and accessibility of such items ; as well as the impact on the market of in kind humanitarian aid on such items