Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Emergency Shelter and NFI S1-1-1 S1.1 Access Number and percentage of households in need of shelter assistance

This indicator aims to identify the caseload for the shelter response, within the overall population affected by the emergency.

Emergency Shelter and NFI S1-1-2 S1.1 Access Number and percentage of households indicating shelter as a priority need

This indicators collects information on the priority support requested by affected households in order to meet their shelter-related needs. Shelter needs should be disaggregated to capture various solutions

Emergency Shelter and NFI S1-1-3 S1.1 Access Number and percentage of damaged houses / dwellings

This indicator focuses on the impact of the crisis / disaster on housing structures by degree of damage, enabling the development of a well targetted shelter response and associated response monitoring. Shelter damage category are to be defined at country level as relevant. It is recommended to have three to five levels of damage. (1) No Damage; (2) Partially Damaged; (3) Completely Destroyed.

Emergency Shelter and NFI S1-1-4 S1.1 Access Average cost of housing construction materials

The average cost of commonly-used housing construction material should be tracked over time as a key indicator of availability and accessibility of such items ; as well as the impact on the market of in kind humanitarian aid on such items