Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Food Security, Health, Logistics, Protection, Nutrition, Water Sanitation Hygiene, Camp Coordination / Management, Education, Emergency Shelter and NFI, Emergency Telecommunications, Early Recovery AAP-3 Participation Number of persons consulted (disaggregated by sex/age) before designing a program/project [alternatively: while implementing the program/project]

Participation in design of assessments, programmes, evaluations etc, means that a selected segment(s) of the affected populaiton have a direct influence on decision making.  Measures should be taken to ensure the participation of members of all groups of affected people – young and old, men and women. Special efforts should be made to include people who are not well represented, are marginalised (e.g. by ethnicity or religion) or otherwise ‘invisible’ (e.g. housebound or in an institution).