Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Protection P-1 (P) Protection Number of civilians reported killed by violence
Protection P-10 (P) Protection Percentage of communities to which international and/or national humanitarian organizations' access to populations has been limited by duty bearers or armed actors
Protection P-11 (P) Protection Percentage of persons in need of legal assistance receiving legal assistance/advice
Protection P-12 (P) Protection Estimated percentage of affected population in need of mental health and/or psychosocial support
Protection P-13 (P) Protection Percentage of communities reporting living in hazardous areas

Hazardous areas are those which are prone to flooding, earthquake, fires etc

Protection P-14 (P) Protection Percentage of communities reporting hazardous items in their area that can result in death or injury

Hazardous items are debris/rubbel; for more specific indicators on mines/landmines/UxOs see the Mine action indicators

Protection P-15 (P) Protection Percentage of communities that indicate deliberate exclusion from services for a specific group (i.e. children, disabled, minority groups)
Protection P-2 (P) Protection Percentage [or number of] community assets (bridge, school, hospital, place of worship etc.) being attacked

This can be an absolute figure instead of a percentage if the total number of assets is not available

Protection P-3 (P) Protection Number of persons reported disappeared/abducted / missing [broken down by geographical area]
Protection P-4 (P) Protection Percentage of communities reporting persons being arbitrarily detained