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Global Clusters Code Sub-domain Title Description
Education E-1-04 E1.1 Equal Access Percentage and Number of Temporary Learning Spaces constructed in affected area

This indicator allows you to track and measure the output activities of constructed Temporary Learning Spaces against the target needed of temporary learning spaces

Education E-1-06 E1.1 Equal Access Percentage of damaged or occupied education facilities rehabilitated and reopened in affected area

This indicator gives information on education facilities re-opend

Education E-1-08 E1.1 Equal Access Percentage of schools/learning spaces provided learning materials

Schools provided with learning materials

Education E-1-10 E1.1 Equal Access Percentage and number of affected Schools/learning spaces provided education kits

Education Kits distributed

Education E-1-11 E1.2 Facilities and services Number and percentage of emergency affected children (3-18 years) accessing to emergency education programmes that incorporate health interventions

Children and Youth with access to with school health interventions

Education E-1-24 E1.2 Facilities and services Percentage of affected schools/learning spaces provided with adequate water supplies/facilities for drinking and personal hygiene

Affected Schools / Learning Spaces  with adequate supplies of safe water for drinking and hygiene purposes