API Documentation

The APIs short for ‘application programming interface’ provides a read-only access to extract both the content and standard taxonomy from the Indicators Registry so that the developers community can consume such data and produce custom information products and tools which could be specific to their needs.

The following table lists all the available APIs along with examples to demonstrate how to request the data. The data returned from those APIs is available in JSON format. To view the data returned by the APIs, we advise you to use the JSONView plugin in your browser.

Entry point for APIs

The main path to the API is /api/ which lists all the APIs this platform provides.

Item Type Description Examples
Indicators taxonomy Agreed standard indicators https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicators
Indicator standards taxonomy Standards set by IASC standard clusters and SPHERE projects.


Indicator domains taxonomy Core humanitarian domains such as Health, Education, Logistics and Protection https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicator_domains
Indicator types taxonomy Types such as Baseline, Outcome, Output and Process.


Indicator units taxonomy Units such as Population, Shelters, schools, litres, income, etc. to measure the indicator. https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicator_units

Advance API Parameters

Page: Using page parameter, API will return the specific page in a list query
          Example: https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicator_standards?page=2 will return the data in the second page.
Filter: Allows you to filter by specific fields and return results from the list query that match the exact condition of the filter.
          Example: List all the indicators matching a specific code.
Sort: Sort the data returned from the API. To sort the given field in the list in descending order use hyphen i.e. ‘-’
          Example; Sort the indicator name ‘label’ in descending order,
Fields: Allows you to set which fields should be returned in the results.
          Example: Get the indicator label and code from the API,
Range: Allows you to set how many items you need to return from the list query
          Example: Get label and code from the query list for only five indicators
Autocomplete: Allows you to retrieve results based on an autocomplete string.
          Example: Get all indicators which name starts with “Volume”:
          Example: Get all indicators which name contains the word “Volume”:


Example of successful API request listing three indicators;

		label: "Volume of cargo transported/stored",
		code: "L-2"
		label: "Weight of cargo transported/stored",
		code: "L-1"
		label: "Total estimated number displaced people living in displacement sites (this includes camps, spontaneous sites and collective centres)",
		code: "CM-01"
	count: 429,
	title: "Self",
	href: "https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicators"
	title: "Next",
	href: "https://ir.hpc.tools/api/v1.0/indicators?fields=label%2Ccode&range=3&page=2"